Make Your Car Shine Like New

Make Your Car Shine Like New

Superior powder coating services in El Paso, TX

If you’re looking to restore a classic car or just give your vehicle a shiny new appearance, powder coating is a great option for you. Whether the parts on your vehicle are cast iron, steel or aluminum, powder coating works with all finishes. If your vehicle is stained, oxidized or looking worse for wear, call Platinum Tint today for powder coating services.

3 reasons why powder coating is a great option

You don’t want to drive around in a vehicle with stained or oxidized parts. There are several options for metal part detailing out there, but we believe powder coating is often the best one for car owners in El Paso, TX. We offer powder coating for three primary reasons:

1. It stands the test of time and is extremely durable.
2. It protects your vehicle from rust and further damage.
3. It looks great on your vehicle, no matter the type of metal.

If you want to give your car a new and improved look, call Platinum Tint today at 915-525-4670.